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WOSGA Tournament Entry Forms
by WOSGA Webmaster - Thursday, 10 April 2014, 12:28 PM
State Amateur - Gem City Golf Club - Fairborn
June 23 - 26

Entry Form
Electronic Entry Form
SPECIAL NOTE: Hotel space is limited in the area due to a large soccer tournament.  DO NOT WAIT to make your reservations.

Senior Amateur - Mohawk Country Club - Tiffin
July 6 - 8 
Entry Form

Ohio Junior Girls Championship - Marion Country Club - Marion
July 13 - 15 
Entry Form
New Rules
by WOSGA Webmaster - Friday, 15 November 2013, 05:54 PM

New USGA Rules Affect Us All

  The new rules adopted by the USGA and R & A will affect us soon.  The belly length and long putters will still be conforming clubs, but beginning January 1, 2016, players MAY NOT anchor the putters to their bodies.

   The groove specifications will be implemented for all WOSGA competitions in the 2020 competitive season.

   Beginning in 2014, the junior tournament will permit distance measuring devices to be used in their competition.  However, NO CELL PHONE apps or any device that measure slope may be used in any of our competition.

Course categories

WOSGA Amateur 
 The State Amateur This course allows guest users to enterSummary
WOSGA Senior Amateur 
 Senior AmateurThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
Ohio Junior Girls 
 Ohio Junior Girls' ChampionshipThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
Betty Kerby Peppard Award 
 The Executive BoardThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Betty Kerby Peppard AwardThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
Golf Resources & Tournaments 
 Golf Links and ContactsThis course allows guest users to enterSummary

Available Courses

The State Amateur
Director: Jeanne Pritchard
Director: Jamie Linnenbom
Director: Cathy Jefferson
Information contained in this section pertains the the WOSGA State Amateur Championship.  The tournaments consists of an 18-hole qualifying round that results in a championship flight of 32 and other flights of 16 competing in a match play format.  Due to difficulty in securing sites, beginning in 2011, the consolation flights will be eliminated.  The championship match will be shortened to 18 holes.  Players in the Championship flight will play 2 matches on Tuesday and Wednesday with the finals being contested on Thursday.
Senior Amateur
Director: Debra DeSanto
Director: Nancy Batista-Allen
Director: Helene Thoman
This area deals with the WOSGA Senior Amateur Championship
Ohio Junior Girls' Championship
Director: Nancy Noble
Director: Joan Ash
Director: Carol Peffer
This section contains information about the Ohio Junior Girls Championship at Marion Country Club conducted by the Women's Ohio State Golf Association.

The Executive Board
Director: WOSGA Webmaster
This section introduces the board members their liaisons, provides information regarding the administration of the WOSGA and its tournaments, and allows visitors to ask questions.

Betty Kerby Peppard Award
Director: WOSGA Webmaster
The Betty Kerby Peppard Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to women's amateur golf in the state of Ohio.  Named for its first recipient, this honor is presented at the banquet during the State Amateur.
Golf Links and Contacts
Director: WOSGA Webmaster
Golf Links and Contacts contains a list of web sits and contact information for golf-related organizations, web sites, and resources.  If you would like to have a link added to this page, contact us

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The Wo
men's Ohio State Golf Association conducts three tournaments during the summer months. They are the State Amateur, the Senior Amateur, and the Ohio Junior Girls. Information regarding these tournaments may be found at this web site.

Check the Golf Resources Section for Links to other tournaments and golf-related information for women.  If you would like to have information about your golf organization posted on our resources page, contact us at

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